Evidence Hierarchy Ladders



The best way to arrive at unbiased conclusions is to use techniques as near to the top of this pyramid as possible. The best way to arrive at unreliable conclusions is to use techniques at the bottom of this ladder, or better still, techniques and material that does not even make it onto the ladder, such as hearsay evidence (admissible in court, but subjective to agreement with results from techniques further up the ladder) or urban mythology (mufti-level hearsay), which even courts will not accept as valid evidence.

The THEIST LADDER OF EVIDENTIAL VALIDITY is pretty much the reverse. On the top is multiple hearsay evidence and urban mythology, followed by claimed eye witness reports, following my multiply edited and redacted documents, followed by the reported visions of others, followed by personal experience of emotional states, followed by whatever the preacher says. Followed by case reports, followed by poorly controlled studies followed by well controlled studies if, and only if, they come to a suitable pre-approved conclusion. Disconfirming evidence at any level is to lost, ignored and/or ridiculed and dismissed as a product of evil forces.

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