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You’ve finally decided that you never did believe, or you no longer believe, that it is likely that gods really exist.  In other words, you are some kind of atheist.

You may be a very informed one, having come to this conclusion after a thorough study of the basis of whatever beliefs your upbringing and your culture threw at you.  You may have investigated various alternative versions of that religion.  You may even have investigated several other religions as well.

Alternatively, you may be someone that has never been all that much interested in religion and you just think it is all rather silly.

So now what?  How do you thrive, or even survive, in the region and country where you live?

This will depend a lot on the tolerance level of your family, friends, community and nation towards those who have no belief in the existence of gods.


If you are reading this in English then the chances are high that you will have been exposed to, or de-converted from, some form of Christianity or its offshoots.  Some of you might have been Jewish and some of you may continue to participate in Jewish traditions as a form of cultural solidarity and identification.  A few of you may have been Muslim or Hindu.

A few may have had the good fortune to have spent your formative years in a county that is largely secular and where having a religious belief is the exception rather than the norm.  If you still live there then this blog will have little relevance to you.  A few of you may be trying to survive in the ugly world of Islamic theocracy or something similar.

Most of you will now be living in an English speaking country with a long Christian history.  Some of you will be residing in countries that are no longer fervently religious while others will be currently residing in a religion soaked country like the USA.

This column is aimed primarily at atheists who are trying to survive in a Christian manipulated society.  This is the culture with which I am familiar and on which I can speak with some authority.  While I may, from time to time, cover aspects that are more relevant to those coming from or living in communities that are dominated by other religions I do not claim to be an expert in these areas.  I am, of course, always willing to learn from others with differing experiences and needs.

Entries will focus primarily on ways of blending in, socially and vocationally, with people and cultures that do not share your non-religious outlook.  It will also touch on how to survive attacks on your liberty, your social needs, your economic survival or your physical and mental well-being and how to cope with discrimination and discomfit resulting from human ignorance and lack of awareness of there being a problem that needs to be addressed or a difference that needs to be catered for.

Feedback is always welcome, including topics that you would like me to address.  So sit down, focus on your computer screen and let’s spend some time together exploring ways to not only survive, but thrive, in a world that is not yet geared to provide all our basic needs as ordinary human beings.

Read.  Think.  Act.  SURTHRIVE.






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